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Cyclone Resistant Building Architecture

"I can Apologize or you can cut off my head" - Mamata Banerjee on protests over Cyclone Amphan.

Apologies are not required someone tell the people in power. Rather making sure better practices to minimize the effect is required.

With the changing environment mourning on calamities is obvious but we should not. We should always learn from present and work to improve future. We need to make sure that building codes are followed, planning norms are being considered before developing a region. Planners and Architects who are responsible has a duty here to be responsible of their profession and take their job seriously as it effect the life of others.

One person is not expected to change the world but if he/she does it part with due dedication the war is half won.

Caption on the image reports Roofs of houses blown away, Electric Poles got Twisted, Trees Broken and uprooted Trees.

From above doing a blind man's analysis.

Probable Reasoning- Not verified.

1- Roofs of Houses blown away - Violation is Building bye laws/National Building Code.

2- Electric Poles got Twisted - Violation in manufacturing standards. Planning Violations or ignorance in construction

3- Uprooted Trees - Some person in authority or individual is constantly ignoring and not reporting that a tree has out grown its limits or irresponsible construction around the pity tree.

"Cyclone is not coming for the first time" for the argument that this cyclone was really bad.

For general people Its is very important to follow Building Codes and its high time to understand the importance of research and its application. Its for the benefit of lives and mostly in benefit of cost to follow these codes also. Get your Building/House/Society/City designed by approved and knowledgeable engineer/architect/planner.

For the authorities its important to keep eyes open and do the job with full dedication and not for the dedication of pocket allowing faulty building plans being approved and poor quality equipment being installed for public use. Keep eye on violations on the codes for the safety of their public, doing the job with dedication will eradicate the problem all together and many lives can be saved. There are various documents which need to be followed before implementing and design on ground like 1- National Building Code 2- Hazard Vulnerability Reduction.


And many more standards specific to the trade or Job. where comes the importance of Engineers/Architects/Planners asked to do the design.

Following are various important Planning considerations in Cyclone Vulnerable Regions

1- In case of construction of group of buildings Zig-zag planning avoids wind

2- Roofs - Light Weight flat roofs are easily blown away. The roof pitch should not be less than 22°

3- Reinforcement in Masonry walls.

4- Wall Openings - Adequate anchorage to doors and windows

5- Foundation - is required to be designed specifically for the loads with appropriate safety factors.

And there are many more ways to protect lives.

With this I will conclude myself. If you read this till end and liked the blog like or if you disagree then dislike and also comment your views in the Comments, Share it with for friends and family and the person you think this should reach. Ar. Abhimanyu Chaudhary

Architect and Urban Planner

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